It can be a constant battle between parents and teenagers when it comes to doing homework and studying. If this sounds like your household, you should create and design a space for them in your home that they won't mind spending time in. Below are some decorating and design tips to help you create a space that your child can use for this purpose, as well as to hang out and have fun in.


Carpets will absorb sounds, such as when your teen is listening to loud music or playing video games when they are finished with their homework and studying. It is also more comfortable for them if they would rather lay on the floor when they are reading a book or socializing with their friends.

Even though any type of carpeting will work well, choose carpeting that has a high density pile, which makes the carpet thicker, such as the cut pile to absorb sound better. The carpet pad is also important, and you can find carpet pads that are made specially for this purpose.

Visit a carpet store to look at the different types of carpeting are available. You can choose from many patterns and hues that will appeal to your teenager. The employee can also help you choose the type of carpeting that is best for this purpose. Consider purchasing carpet that is also stain resistant, as the teens will likely be eating and drinking in this room.


Purchase a high quality desk light to place on your teenager's desk. A floor lamp placed near the desk also works well for this purpose. Hang some pendant lights, which are lights that hang over the desk pointed downward, for even more illumination.  No matter what type of lights you choose, make sure they are designed to reduce glare so your teen will not have eyestrain.

Place the desk near a window so natural light comes into the room during the day.  Do not put heavy draperies on the window, but instead opt for lightweight materials. If you have a large budget, have a skylight installed in the room to provide even more light.


Include bookcases to keep your child's school books organized. Shelving also works well if you do not want to purchase a bookcase. Portable cubes are another option. For their desk, purchase desktop organizers to keep their supplies, papers they are currently working on, etc., organized and close at hand. Add counter space to the room to give your child even more room to keep their things. The desk should be large enough for your child's laptop or computer, along with everything else.

When you are finished creating your teen's room, add some fun to it by installing hanging chairs, or purchase some video game chairs for them and their friends. You could also purchase colorful rug throws to place around the room.