Hardwood floors are a great investment for homeowners who are looking to add some style and value to the property. It should also be said that hardwood floors are also very practical because they are cheap and easy to maintain. Of course, some hardwood floors require a little more maintenance and care of than others. This article explains why engineered hardwood floors are a better option for homeowners who want a lower-maintenance product. When compared to raw hardwood floors, engineered floors are little more practical for most homeowners.

Engineered Finishes

The top layer on engineered floors is made to be durable, waterproof, fade resistant, scratch resistant and natural looking. From far, and engineered hardwood floor might look just as good and natural as a real hardwood floor. Of course, upon closer inspection most people will be able to notice that it is not real wood. The finish and textured is engineered to mock real wood. It will even have grooves and divets that match up with the natural wood grains.

But, the best part of an engineered finish is the fact that it is so strong. The top coat is basically a clear epoxy that can withstand most wear and tear. Best of all, it does not absorb water. This means don't need to worry about warping for swelling on the floor that gets wet. This is important because the lower layers of engineered hardwood floors are made out of real wood and they could get damaged by water. But, since the top layer is waterproof, it is never an issue as long as the floor is properly install.

Easy to Install

While on the subject and installation, it should also be noted that engineered floors are the easiest to install. They are made with a very simple but effective tongue and groove system that allows you to attach the wood planks without any power tools or glue. In fact, they just snap together about any tools at all. Installing hardwood is still a sizable remodel project because there is a lot of preparation work. Also, the job requires a lot of lifting and bending up and down. As a result, you shouldn't try and handle the installation on your own if you are not capable of handling the physical requirements.

It is easy to see why so many homeowners choose to invest in engineered floors. They are stylish, durable and most homeowners could handle their own hardwood floor installation