Updating the carpet in your room is a very cost effective home remodel. You can make the room look newer, but also reduce any allergens that might be causing problems. The cost of your new carpet depends on several factors. While the actual price per square footage of the carpet is significant, you also need to consider your existing floors. If it is very difficult to remove your existing carpet, your labor bill will be much higher. Luckily, you can save money by removing your carpet on your own. This article explains how to do that.

Pulling Up the Carpet

First, you need to get everything out of the room. Then, you need to find a place from which you can pull up the carpet. Usually, you can dig out the edge under the baseboard molding. This is right where it will be attached to the tack strips. Most carpets are secured to the floor with just the tack strips, although there is always a chance that adhesive was used.

A hammer with a claw is usually the most effective tool because you can have a secure grip on the handle while you yank up at the carpet. Once you pull up the edge, roll the carpet towards the center. However, you will probably need to cut the carpet into smaller rolls that aren't too heavy to carry. You can easily do this with a box cutter with a fresh razor blade. Also, the edges of the carpet can be very sharp, so make sure you are wearing comfortable, thick work gloves the whole time. The carpet pad is even easier to remove because it is lighter than the carpet.

Removing the Tack Strips

Once the pads and carpet are out of the room, you need to start removing the tack strips. The best method for removing the wooden tack strips depends on the material of the subfloor. All you need to remove them from a concrete subfloor is a hammer. The trick is to firmly knock the side of the strip, right next to the nail that attaches it to the floor. If you hit it hard enough, the nail will pop right out of the concrete. However, this technique does not work on wooden subfloors. To remove the strips from a wooden subfloor, you need to have a hammer and some chisels. Wedge the chisels underneath the strip by lightly tapping them with a hammer. Then, pry them up at the same time. That should be enough to pull the nail out the floor.

At this point, all that is left to do is to vacuum your floor and schedule the installation with a company like Unique Flooring & Design. This will definitely help you get a better quote on your installation.