Hardwood flooring is a great choice for any home. It is an attractive flooring option due to the stylish look and how easy it is to clean. However, there are several types of hardwood that range in price and style. Here is what you need to know about custom and modular hardwood flooring if you are deciding between these two styles.

Modular Flooring

The biggest advantage of using modular flooring is that it is easy to install. Each piece of flooring will interlock with each other. This is thanks to the tongues and grooves on the side of the individual boards. It allows you to attach the flooring pieces together without using much force. At most, all you'll have to do is tap the pieces of flooring together using your rubber mallet.

Since this type of flooring is so easy to install, many homeowners decide to install it without professional help. However, the entire process is quite time consuming, but it's possible for the typical homeowner if you own the tools to do the job and can follow basic directions. If you decide to have it professionally installed, the labor costs should be minimal when compared to other kinds of hardwood flooring.

Custom Flooring

Custom hardwood flooring has flat sides on each board, which means they are missing the tongues and grooves of modular flooring. Because of this, each piece of hardwood flooring must be glued to the adjoining pieces and to your subfloor. You may also discover that some pieces of hardwood need to be mitered to trim the boards down and create seams that fit.

The process of installing custom flooring can be quite time consuming, and does require a bit of skill to do the job correctly. The material is also more expensive than modular flooring, since the floor boards are made from solid wood rather than having a thin piece of wood glued on top of another material.

Overall, you'll find that custom hardwood flooring will be a product that is solid, strong, and will last a really long time in your home. Modular flooring can be lower quality due to the way it is manufactured.

Not sure which type of hardwood flooring you want in your home? Reach out to a local hardwood flooring company like East Penn Hardwood Flooring Corp. They can give you more information about each kind of hardwood flooring material, and assist with purchasing and installation to handle it all for you.