When you bought your home, you may have been okay with the flooring situation. Carpet in the bedroom is ideal, but you may like the idea of switching to hardwood flooring in the living room.

Hardwood flooring looks incredible in most homes and it is easier to clean because you do not have to worry about built-up dirt and grime that can get stuck deep within carpet fibers. This is especially helpful in an area where you intend to have high foot traffic. To get the best addition, you should consider some of the qualities of hardwood flooring that work well in a living room.


The first thing that you will want to think about is the thickness of the flooring. If you intend on living in the house forever and passing it down to your kids, you will benefit from thick wood because this will allow it to be refinished many times so that you can always keep it looking new. Solid wood is better than engineered in this case because it is hardwood all the way through.


Another detail to consider is the width of every hardwood plank. Although you may like the idea of thin planks, you may notice that they are tougher to maintain. This is because dirt and crumbs can get stuck between the planks, so having fewer of them minimizes how dirty they can become.


When you invest in hardwood flooring, you will have several wood species to choose from. If you want to minimize costs, you can go for an affordable and durable species. But, you may want to prioritize a luxurious look by choosing one of the more exotic wood species. To minimize upkeep in the short-term and long-tern, you should pick the strongest wood you can purchase.


If you are interested in customizing the look of the wood and having the flexibility to change how it looks in the future, you should think about the staining potential. This is another situation in which you will want to analyze the wood species because it will make a difference.

If you want wood flooring that looks similar for every plank, you will benefit from picking birch or white oak. These two species can take many stains well and provide a balanced look.

When you are ready to invest in hardwood flooring installation for your living room, you should think about some of these qualities to help you make a choice that you will not regret in the future.