If you want to add interesting wood floors to your home, there are great alternatives to conventional hardwood materials. Some of these options include reclaimed lumber from barns and industrial buildings that are being demolished. The materials can be transformed into wood floors, which will need to be finished. The following guide will help you with installing reclaimed lumber for wood flooring and having it refinished with a protective wood finish:

1. Begin by Choosing the Right Reclaimed Lumber to Use for Wood Floors

You will want to start your wood flooring project by choosing the right wood materials. There are options like old wood planks from factories or barn siding boards. You will want to look for sources where there is enough material available to finish your floors with the same type of wood for a uniform finish.

2. Clean Up the Reclaimed Lumber Materials to Get Them Ready for Use as Flooring

Once you have found the source of the materials you are going to use, you will need to get them ready for use as flooring. Sometimes, these products have already been cleaned, but they are usually just raw materials. Therefore, you will want to remove metal like nails, screws, and staples and clean the wood to prepare it for the next step in the process.

3. Milling and Planing the Reclaimed Lumber to Make It Easier to Work With as a Wood Flooring Solution

The reclaimed lumber that you are cleaning up to use as wood flooring may also have imperfections. This can make it difficult to install the new wood floors evenly and with a clean finish. Therefore, you will want to mill the lumber with a table saw and plane the surface of the materials.

4. Add Subfloor Underlayments and Moisture Barriers Before Installing Reclaimed Lumber Floors

When using reclaimed lumber as a flooring material, it is important that they are installed on a wood subfloor. This means that if you are installing them over concrete, you will need to also install a wood subfloor with plywood. This will allow the new floors to be nailed down with a brad nailer. Before the installation of the floors, you will want to install asphalt felt paper between the flooring and plywood flooring to protect against moisture damage.

5. Installation of Reclaimed Lumber Flooring and Sanding to Prepare It for Refinishing

The reclaimed lumber flooring will need to be installed over the subflooring like any other wood floors and nailed down with a brad nailer. Once the wood has been installed, the floors will need to be sanded down to prepare them to be finished by a professional wood floor refinishing service.

These are some of the things that you will need to do when installing reclaimed lumber as flooring and having it finished. If you are ready to add attractive and unique wood floors to your home with reclaimed lumber, contact a wood floor refinishing service for help finishing these surfaces after installation.